Benefits of Belonging to a Business Organization

Being a small business owner can have its advantages and disadvantages. The rewarding feeling of owning a business and watching it grow allows you to be part of the fabric of the local community. People get to know, like and trust you, which means they have the opportunity to try, buy and tell others about your products and/or services. 

As we finish our newly designed website, we understand the importance of providing benefits when becoming part of the “Friends of Norwood Center”. We will be beginning a membership campaign during the month of June 2023 and hope we can give you some reasons to join.

  1. Monthly Meetings: Once a month, we host a breakfast business meeting. We offer businesses in the downtown area a place to gather to network, plan events and emphasize the local economic and political developments that could affect businesses. Because we rotate the meetings, you have the opportunity to host and showcase your business. We may be located in the center but it doesn’t mean everyone knows each other. This can lead to amazing collaborations and support for each other.
  2. Education and Resources: During our monthly meetings we would like to incorporate an educational component that will allow us to discuss: new business tools, technologies, trends and develop business skills. We have the resources to discuss grant programs, local initiatives and events that you may want to participate in or attend.
  3. Local Advocates: We are the voice for the Norwood businesses.We advocate and support our members at the state and local level. We can also be the voice to address common concerns and challenges in the center.
  4. Increased Web Visibility: For everyone who understands SEO (search engine optimization), this website functions like a business directory. Being a member of a local business association allows you to showcase your business in the website directory. This includes direct links to your website, social media sites and other options allowing new customers and clients to learn more about your business. 
  5. Cost Savings: Business associations allow businesses to offer business to business (B2B) discounts for certain products and services. Examples could be: insurance discounts, office supplies, marketing promotions or percentage discounts.
  6. Community Activist: Being part of a local business association allows you to participate in community events, sponsorships, and volunteer opportunities, which can help build goodwill and enhance your business’s reputation. This includes our support of the Norwood Farmers Market which begins Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

As we start visiting local businesses, please consider being part of this truly supportive organization. For more information, please contact any one of our board members.

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